Battle Of Sea



You can learn about upcoming and past updates.

v1.7.4 Update (24.10.2020)

- Coordinate bar have been added on screen edges.
- Some bugs fixed.
- The screen freezing bug when oncoming the crowd players has been improved.
- Zoom setting for camera has been added.
- Improvements have been made to the firing time, firing damage and range of island towers.
- Graphics improvements were made.
- Arrangement have been made so that players who leave the bloody pro map cannot join the bloody junior map for 15 minutes.
- There was an error fixed in calculating the extra armor and critical skills of the 20th level ship.
- With the ship optimization option in the settings and definitely recommended for crowded environments, the player ship graphics have been completely reduced and made much more optimized.
- All NPC ship designs have been changed.
- Added Halloween 2020 design.
- The settings section in the game screen has been improved. (Ex: The option for the sea graphic has been added.)
- The & character has been added to the symbols that can be used.
- If the armor of Afk players is open, it has been edited so that the armor will decrease and be save. Afk players must turn off the armor skill.4

v1.7.3 Update (30.09.2020)

- Some language errors fixed.
- To computer version is added the store.

v1.7.2 Update (22.09.2020)

- The low quality of buttons on the tablet has been fixed.
- Arrangements have been made to mark players standing on NPC ships. (Except Bloody Junior)
- Some other bugs fixed.

v1.7.1 Update (14.09.2020)

- Changes were made to the island tower spawning system, it will now spawn with 6 towers instead of 12 towers.
- Vip membership system has been added.
- Admiral Baron system ship has been added. (When 10 barons are sunk between maps 5/1 and 8/2 or 10 barons between maps 9/1 and 13/2, they will randomly spawn among these maps.)
- New chat feature, using the command "/online" you can check who is online on your Guild Room.
- Spy system will be added.
- French and Portuguese languages ​​added.
- Turkish characters can be used in user and guild names.
- The button to see the previous statistics in the menu has been fixed.
- Event chests and event ships are automatically destroyed so that the server is not restarted at the end of the event.
- Security vulnerabilities have been fixed.
- Network traffic is encrypted for security reason.
- In the chat section, an arrangement has been made to read old messages more easily.
- Range calculation has been arranged to be done on the server. (An issue where one player appears to be shooting from a distance due to sync delay while the other player cannot shoot at him because he appears out of range)
- Arrangements have been made so that players level 7 and above cannot attack system ships at level 4 and below. (Except for private ships and barons)
- Filter system has been added to the chat window. Players who use prohibited words will automatically receive a kick.

v1.7.0 Update (30.07.2020)

- Arrangements were made to display the CAPTCHA (Robot Text) with longer intervals and we have also shrank the size of it.
- The Bug regarding the latest added designs not appearing in the player profile photos, has been fixed.
- The Bug regarding the not spawn of some npc ships on some maps, has been fixed.
- The error of firing at players on maps 1 and 2, is now fixed.
- The Bug regarding the speed hability cooldown, is now fixed.
- An issue where a player ship would appear where they would spawn after getting sunk, is now fixed.
- The Bug where players couldn't scroll down in the Guild Menu, is now fixed.
- We have added new features to the players log records.

v1.6.9 Update (05.07.2020)

-I am not a robot test has been added.
-Rank system has been added.
-The rank point ranking has been added to the menu.
-Baron ships shoot mission has been added.
-All abilities have been adjusted to be used at the same time.
-The number of icons that can be used in user name and fleet tags has been increased. (There are icons in username change and fleet setup sections)
-Bloody ship hp amount updated.
-Bug in the trophy and NPC ranking fixed.
-NPC numbers have been increased.
-Added option for player ships to graphic settings.
-Writing over the ship was activated again.(Administrator controlled)
-Italian language was added.
-2 new ship designs were added to the market.
-Infrastructures were prepared for new events.
-These are fixed.

v1.6.4 Update (16.05.2020)

-New mission has been added.
-Graphics settings have been added to the game.
-Arrangements have been made to allow NPC ships to reward gold and experience points only to the final hit.
-Arrangements have been made so that players with chat ban can see the ban expiration dates in the chat.
-A bug causing some players not being able to donate gold to the island is fixed.
-Some translation errors have been fixed.
-The game loading screen time is reduced.
-Significant optimizations were made.