Battle of Sea


You can learn about upcoming and past updates.

New Update (Not Yet Released)

-The problem with the server board in the events has been fixed.
-The problem where the mouse wheel changes the target selection in the game when the mouse cursor is not over the game window has been fixed. Also, in order not to waste time in battles, an arrangement has been made so that players with beginner protection cannot be selected with the mouse wheel.
-Adjusted so that players with beginner protection cannot shoot at the islands. In addition, if players with beginner protection make a tower build on the island, an arrangement has been made to break the beginner protection.
-Optimization for lag when changing maps with a large team during war have been done.
-Fixed the problem that sometimes the repair process stops when 1000 or 2000 points are missing.
-Some other bugs fixed.
-Improvements have been made regarding security.

-The speed of player ships has been increased by 50%.
-Added the feature to copy username on the spy's panel. In this way, the user name of the player can be copied from the spy system while writing a secret message in the chat.
-The limit of transactions shown in the logbook has been increased by 5 times.
-The number of trophies and the last seen date have been added to the player profiles.
-Single/multiple cannonball setting for player ships has been added to the settings panel in the PC version.
-Camera distance extended. Accordingly, the ranges of npc, tower and player ships have been increased in equal proportions to avoid shotting too close.
-Adjusted for NPC ships that automatically attack nearby players to attack players when they are half range instead of full range. For example, if the npc range is 100, an automatic attack will start when this npc ship is within 50 units. Thus, it will be possible to navigate the map more easily.
-Added 2D sea option.
-Added shadow (graphic) feature for ships.
-The graphics of the menus in the game have been rearranged and changed.
-The graphics of player ships have been changed by rearranging.
-Sea graphics have been rearranged and changed.
-The graphics of NPC ships have been changed by rearranging.
-The graphics of the islands have been rearranged and changed.
-The rate at which damage dealt in the game is added to ship points has been increased from 10% to 15%.
-The extra ship point rate of the fireball cannonball has been updated from 20% to x2.
-Changed appearance of the rocket shoot.
-The quest reward description of bloody maps has also been changed, as the rate at which damage dealt is added to ship points has changed. The Bloody rewards have not been changed, only the text on the misson line has been changed.

v2.0.8 Update (20.04.2022)

-Some bug fixes have been done.
-The Red Star event has been added.

v2.0.7 Update (16.03.2022)

-Some optimization and other bug fixes have been done.
-The shooting time of the Baron system ship are 5 seconds, and the dragon is 4 seconds. We reduced the initial repair time from 3.75 seconds to 3.25 seconds so that these system ships can be attack more easily. Thus, the baron and dragon can be attack more easily.
-Fixed a bug that caused players with beginner protection to have their protection intact by attacking other players. (Our players with ID numbers 260179 and 235865, as the first to report the error at the same time, separately, thank you with 350,000 gold)
-Added the feature for players with beginner protection to lose their protection if they use healing skill against other players.

v2.0.6 Update (10.03.2022)

-Fixed a bug with switching to PVE maps while under attack.
-Fixed a bug where chests were stacked under the island in the 19/2 map.
-Fixed the issue where sometimes the last message would not appear in the chat window.
-Some optimization and other bug fixes have been done.
-Moba room has been added to the chat window so that teammates can talk among themselves while playing a moba match.
-Added the feature to select nearby npc, tower or player ships by scrolling the mouse wheel.
-The guild screen has been moved to the in-game menu button.
-When a player is accepted to the guild or a player is kicked out of the guild, the guild information of the player is updated at the same time. In addition, for all authorizations made in the guild, in the guild room in the chat window, like "Admin, made Nevo the leader." notifications will be sent for other players can see.
-Some changes have been made so that the guild chest event can be performed frequently. Accordingly, it will not be mandatory to launch the guild chest event like daily quests. As soon as the guild event is active, all guild members will automatically start the event. Both other missions and the guild chest event can be continued at the same time, and all damage hit while the event is active will be included in the event score. If the guild is changed from the beginning of the event to the end of the event (usually the event lasts 1 day), the event will be canceled and participation in the event will not be possible until the next guild event.
-The skills screen has been moved to the in-game menu button.
-The map change button that appears on the screen when approaching the map corners has also been defined to the space button. In addition, this button can be changed via the keyboard settings.
-Added autoclick detection for attack and rocket buttons. In case of detection, the player will encounter a warning screen and will be disconnected.
-A player with 100 level attack skill has a firing time of approximately 2.75 seconds. In addition, 2.75 seconds is required for the repair to start on the first click of the repair button. After that, the repair process continues every 2 seconds. Since the firing time and the first repair time are the same, when autoclick, which is one of the banned programs, is used in 1v1 battles, the player using the program can be repaired once between two hits and gain an advantage against his opponent. To prevent this, when the repair button is first clicked, the starting time of the repair, which is 2.75 seconds, has been changed to 3.75 seconds, the repair renewal time every 2 seconds has not been changed.
-Added a new beginner protection buff so that new players can adapt to the game. Click here for detailed information about this buff.
-There is a limit of 3 accounts from the same IP address. The problem that the first entered account is destroy out of the game when trying to enter the 4th account has been fixed. (Thanks to our player with ID number 102821 with 600.000 gold)

v2.0.5 Update (07.01.2022)

Contains the fixes for the following bugs that occurred in the 2.0.4 update.
-Fixed the issue where player ships could be seen before they respawn.
-Fixed the problem where the text on the server board was preventing the sea from being clicked.
-Fixed a bug related to going to the market on the Moba map. (Thanks to our player with ID number 274418)

v2.0.4 Update (03.01.2022)

-Fixed some translation errors.
-The problem that the 3rd Year design appears instead of the Special Design 6 has been fixed.
-The 1 second time required for other player ships to be seen during map changes has been updated to 0.5 seconds.
-The problem with the island menu interface sizing in the guild island has been fixed.
-The problem of not clicking the sea when a mouse is connected to mobile devices has been fixed.
-Added rarity details to the port section for special designs: ordinary, sparse, rare, legendary.
-Edited to show the server time of the message at the beginning of chat messages.
-Added moba statistics to player profile page.
-Added server board feature. In this way, when a player is sunk on the server, all players will see a notification on this board. More notifications will be added to the board in the future.
-Added the feature of going to the position of the clicked ship (stack) when double-clicking on the player ships on mobile devices.
-Edited so that in players waiting to go to the Moba map, the first 5 players are sent to a team, and the next 5 are sent to a other team completely random teams, rather than to a team.
-Added "Report" button to scoreboard for in team players on Moba map. The report button can be used for players who behave in a way such as staying still (afk), not shooting at the enemy, sinking intentionally during the match. The match statistics of the complained players will be examined in detail, and players who engage in such behavior may be punishment to entering the moba map.
-Added consolation reward for losing team on Moba map.
-Added the effect that will visible when the player or npc ship is sunk. This effect can be made turn on or turn off with the environment animations in the settings button.
-3/2 and 4/2 maps have been removed from the game. The first baron ship has been edited to spawn at 3/1.
-A new npc named Dragon, focused on experience points, has been added to all maps of 5/1 and above. This npc has 1 on each map.
-The level cap of 13 has been updated to 19. Therefore, 14-19 level maps have been added. System ships, chests, islands and missions have been adapted for these maps.
-Added admiral baron for maps -14/1 to 19/2. Thus, admiral barons will be able to appear in 3 regions in total (between 5/1 and 8/2, between 9/1 and 13/2, between 14/1 and 19/2, when 10 baron ships are sunk).
-Tortuga maps and 1 Barbossa ship have been added. These maps as safe zones closed to war. Barbossa is always near the middle of the map, ​you can go near it and teleport between tortuga maps. Thus, it is easier to navigate from the bottom map to the top map.
-Added the features to increase the repair amount of towers on guild islands as their level increases. Regarding the repair amount of towers, the topic of our blog called fleet islands has been updated.
-Experience points gained from missions have been increased by 50%.
-The beginning features of special designs have been increased.
-Added IP limit for multi account status. This feature has been limited to 3 so that people connecting from the same house or internet connection will not have problems. It will not be possible to login to more than 3 accounts at the same time over the same internet connection.
-The size of player ships and some npc ships has been increased by 20%.
-Improvements were made to the infrastructure of the I am not a robot system, as well as some security updates.

v2.0.2 Update (11.11.2021)

-The problem that some features of the Halloween 2021 design are low has been fixed.
-The problem of not being able to click on the cannon of the designs with a cannon in front of them has been fixed.
-Season rewards have been increased, and the top 100 players instead of the top 50 have been adjusted to receive rewards.

v2.0.1 Update (08.10.2021)

-The problem of Android 7 and lower android versions getting stuck on the checking for update screen has been fixed.
-Some optimization and bug fixes were done.
-Halloween 2021 design added.

v2.0.0 Update (21.09.2021)

-The player ships have been adjusted to have 20% extra fast repair on the map where their island is located.
-Changes have been made to mission tab. Now the missions and bonus maps are displayed in separate tabs.
-New 5v5 Moba event map added where all players will entry for free with equal ships.
-Optimization for data usage has been done.
-Some optimization and error correction work has been done.
-Auto rocket feature has been added so that automatic rocket hit will be activated on the second click of the rocket button.
-Improvements have been made regarding security.
-Added Mac OS version.