Battle Of Sea



Our game rules are specified in the 3rd article of our contract accepted during the registration to the game. In addition to the related item, the players are obliged to comply with the rules written below. Management, for cases not covered here, has the right to evaluate at its own discretion. In addition, if these rules are not followed, appropriate disciplinary measures can be taken, including termination or deletion of the account, without notifying the user to protect the integrity and essence of the services. These rules can be changed. In case of changes, users are obliged to follow the service contract and the rules stated on this page.

Game Rules

1- It is forbidden to use systematic errors or deficits in the game. Any situation that occurs differently than the normal gameplay of the game can be evaluated as error / exploit. Any noticeable errors should be reported using the support email address (
2- It is forbidden to use cheat programs, speed hacks, bots, autoclick that will affect the normal gameplay of the game.
3- It is forbidden to imitate a person, business or institution, or to communicate in any way as if the communication in question seems to come from the game management.
4- It is forbidden to share real life information that reveals the identity of users within the game.
5- It is forbidden to verbally harass, swearing, threatening, slang, using provocative words or insulting words about the game and the authorities, the use of abusive words against other players which may affect their integrity as a form of provocation is also prohibited.
6- It is forbidden for accounts to be traded, exchange, transfer to others or similar transactions.
7- It is forbidden to hack other players accounts or to obtain login to account without their permission.

Chat Rules

If the following rules are not met, kick or ban penalties can be imposed on the players chat. In some advanced cases, this penalty may result in the player account getting banned. Also, players can use a different or new in-game account but in the case that one of the accounts acts against the rules, the same penalty can be applied to the other account or accounts that are logged in from that user by going to the IP address scan.

1- It is forbidden to use words, including threatening, abusive, provocative, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, religious, political, racist or otherwise unpleasant language.
2- Noob, chicken etc. the use of slang words containing sarcastic and nickname is prohibited.
3- It is forbidden to discuss with the game management or players or to use other words to include in the discussion.
4- It is forbidden to use negative or defamatory words related to game management or game, or to provoke other players against the game or management.
5- It is forbidden to appeal or complain against the decisions made by the management over the general chat. Any complaints about the game can only be done via e-mail to our support address.
6- It is forbidden to talk about or advertise other games.
7- It is forbidden to discuss the problems experienced on different platforms (ts, disagreement, etc.) outside the game through the game chat.
8- Sharing account or session information is prohibited.
9- It is forbidden to use expressions containing meaningless words, to spam or flood.