Battle Of Sea


I've bought the package, where is the gold ?

Gold packages can be purchased from our in-game store for a fee. In some cases, the packages may not be immediately transferred to the players account as a result of an error. In this case, you can contact us via email to our support address (
When this happens, in order for us to transfer your package to your account quicker, you must send the following information to us.

1- You must provide the username of the account where you've made the purchase.
2- If the purchase was made on the Android device, you should send a screenshot of the receipt sent by google to your e-mail address and starting with the GPA code. If you have not received this receipt, you can provide information about the date, time and package information you purchased along with a screenshot of your purchase history on google play.
3- If the purchase was made on the computer version, you should send the name and surname of the person who made the purchase.

After receiving your e-mail, your package will be transferred to your account within the next 24 hours.