Battle of Sea


There are guild islands from the 5th level map and above. These islands have a guild capturing system. The towers attack all players except the guild island owner members. All guild members can go to the island to donate gold to it. Only the Co-Leaders and Leader have the privilege to build a tower or upgrade its level.

All 12 towers must be destroyed in order to capture the island. The guild that hits the towers the most will be the owner of the island.

The guild that owns the island gets some advantages;

- If the guild has 1 island, all guild members gain an extra 5% damage against all sorts of NPC's, if the guild has 2 or more islands the same damage buff will be of 10%.
- If the guild members destroy the NPC's on a map which they own an island, they will win an extra 10% reward in gold and experience points from the NPC's.
- The guild members can repair an extra 20% faster on the map of the island they own.


There are 3 levels of towers that can be built on the island. When the island is captured it will be fully filled with first level towers automatically. The towers descriptions are the follow.

1. Level Tower:
Cost: 50.000 gold
Hp Amount: 500.000
Damage per Hit: 300
Range: 135
Firing Time: 2.5s
Repair Amount: 150

2. Level Tower:
Cost: 125.000 gold
Hp Amount: 1.250.000
Damage per Hit: 500
Range: 135
Firing Time: 2.5s
Repair Amount: 200

3. Level Tower:
Cost: 250,000 gold
Hp Amount: 2.500.000
Damage per Hit: 750
Range: 135
Firing Time: 2.5s
Repair Amount: 300